This page is designed to encompass a variety of people; handlers wanting to learn more, existing Assistance Dog trainers who want to complete CPD and dog trainers who wish to expand their skill set to include Assistance Dog training. We have comprised not just education focused on Assistance Dog training, but also general dog training education. Our belief is that both go hand in hand and having an expanded understanding of dog training concepts will significantly enhance your ability to train your own Assistance Dog. 


It is worth noting that many of the existing courses and webinars are USA-centred information and thus may not be applicable to UK law - however the basis of ethical dog training should remain similar. ADEPT values dog trainers expertise and skill, for this reason we don't expect Assistance Dog training to be free. However, we do empathize that disability-related costs are frustrating and difficult to bear so our compilation here is focused on low-cost (blue) or free (orange) resources.

Do you have a resource you think should be featured here? Let us know! 


taskwork videos

Door Opening Part 1 & Part 2 

Turning Lights On/Off Part 1 & Part 2 

Panic Attack Alert & Self Harm Interruption 

Opening Doors Part 1

Undressing / Removing Bed Sheets

One Way Hearing Alert

Teaching Take & Give

Shaping a Hold

The following youtube channels while not Assistance Dog specific are highly recommended and have helped many handlers teach their dogs the basics before approaching taskwork. 

Training Positive by Tab Shamsi

Kikopup by Emily Larlham (handles an AD)


Choosing an Assistance (Service) Dog

Free full class by Donna Hill covering puppy prep & development, how to find a breeder plus choosing a candidate.

Is a Guide Dog the right choice for me?

Free webinar by Leader Dogs for the Blind.

M.D. Dogs Inc

Free resources for training a Diabetic Alert Dog.

Soundwork 101 - Training Dogs Basic Sound Alert Skills

A 6-8 week course by Martha Hoffman, past Training Director of Hearing Dogs Program.

(Audit $125/£95, Instructor-Led $315/£230)

Canine First Aid and Wellbeing

Comprehensive course by leading Veterinary Nurse, Rachel Bean, £25.

30 Days of Canine Science

Take your training from natural talent to having an intricate understanding behind the theory of dog training concepts and how to apply that in practice. Nando Brown, Jo-Rosie Haffenden & Dean Nicholas.

£150, but occasionally on sale for much lower. 



How Dog Trainers can help Owner Trainers 

$19/£15 Webinar with IAABC by Kate Olson KPA CTP on how dog trainers can support clients wanting to owner train.

Self Control Exercises for Assistance (Service) Dog Candidates

$25 Webinar focusing on many of the key foundation behaviours for public access.

Selecting & Training Diabetic Alert Dogs 

$25 Webinar by Jennifer Cattet PhD, director of Medical Mutts specializing in Diabetic and Seizure Alert Dogs and more.

Selecting & Training Guide Dogs for the Blind

$25 Webinar by Michelle Pouliot, guide dog trainer for over 40 years.

Selecting & Training Assistance (Service) Dogs for Children

$25 Webinar by Patty & Dan Gross of North Star Foundation, specializing in dogs for children with Autism.