1. a person who is skilled or proficient at something. ​


Here at ADEPT, our focus is on enabling you to become independent. This is the key aim for many hopeful Assistance Dog handlers, but training often becomes the stumbling block. We're here to remove that obstacle and help you thrive with your dog by your side. ​

Who are we?

We're an entirely independent entity offering support and signposting to assistance dog handlers. We have no expectations of exclusivity: whether you're owner-training, have a private trainer, are part of an ADUK charity, or receive help from a non-ADUK organisation, we're here to support you. Our collaborative has experience spanning all routes of assistance dog training & handling, meaning we understand the trials and tribulations associated with them and can help you to navigate them too.


what do we do?


We started with our podcasT where our episodes cover many foundation topics such as 'How Can You Get An Assistance Dog?' to more intricate topics such as gender identity and the overlap in the AD community in our 'Handler Interview with Wren & Darcey.'


From this, a loyal audience developed and a community was built, leading to a support group that operates with a no-judgement policy, fostering a supportive and drama-free environment, including hundreds of other handlers who have lived your experience.

In 2021, we expanded to include Trusted Trainers; assistance dog trainers who have experience of disabilities and handling an assistance dog themselves. Again, this creates an environment where everyone involved in your journey can intimately understand and appreciate your situation, where others may not be able to.

After this, we created our blog &  resources pages. The former is where you'll find posts suitable for a wider audience, designed to answer questions the general public might have. The latter features courses, books & websites suited to those who have a keen interest in deep-diving to all things assistance/service dog.

Lastly, our team often features in the media as representation for assistance dog handlers, having years of experience working alongside TV companies, newspapers and radio channels. If you'd like to be involved with any of our above endeavours, please don't be afraid to contact us - our wish is for ADEPT to be a collaborative effort, representative of the wider community.

where it all began

It all started when at the age of 14 and I discovered the concept of Assistance Dogs. I quickly became frustrated when it seemed that there was very little UK-centered information, all I could find was US-based regarding Service Dogs.


While in recent years UK information has become more accessible, it sadly commonly comes with a bias attached. Misinformation is rife leaving people just as confused as I was when I started my journey almost a decade ago. 

I know how it feels to be a handler who doesn't come under any ADUK charity,

I know how it feels to be a handler who has no funds to afford a private trainer,

I know how it feels to be a handler so daunted by the idea of a training class. 

Independence, agency & autonomy.

These should be the focus of your journey training an Assistance Dog - not exclusivity or restrictions - and we're here to support you achieving just that.


adept founder

Chloé Nerina Fuller


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